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Hi, I'm Nikol

a Kindergarten and Special Education Needs teacher at an international school in Thailand
and a founder of Catapult Learning Resources.

My ultimate goal is to share my teaching passion and resources with you,
fellow teachers, homeschooling parents, and caregivers.

Nice to meet you!

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Kindergarten hands-on activities

Originally from the Czech Republic, my professional journey began in interpretation and translation. However, a move to Thailand led me down the path of education, where my passion truly lies. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master's degree in Special Education from the University of Arizona. I've been teaching since 2009 and still love every second of it!


My entry into the realm of education was influenced by the Reggio Emilia-inspired international preschool my children attended in Thailand. Seeing the profound impact of hands-on learning, I soon found myself volunteering at an international school for children with special needs. This invaluable experience taught me the nuances of teaching children with challenges like ADHD, Autism, and cerebral palsy. I became dedicated to creating hands-on resources that make learning accessible and enjoyable for all.


Over the years, I've taught a diverse age range, from babies to 11-year-olds. Each age group has enriched my perspective on child development and the importance of tailored educational tools. Currently, I'm a Reception (Kindergarten) teacher at Rugby School Thailand, a role I find immensely rewarding, especially when I see the transformative power of my hands-on resources in action.


Professional development has always been a cornerstone of my career. From completing the TESOL and TEYL courses to obtaining professional development certificates from International Baccalaureate, I believe in continuously refining my skills. My recent completion of a Master's in Special Education amplifies my commitment to inclusive and holistic teaching approaches.


Being a parent of bilingual children in international settings also offers me a unique perspective. I understand the intricacies of such an environment and am always keen to address concerns other parents may have.


Outside the classroom, I've channeled my passion for education by volunteering to teach homeless children in Thailand, reaffirming my belief that impactful teaching can be achieved even with limited resources.


In essence, teaching isn’t just a career for me – it’s a mission, and creating hands-on resources is a significant part of that mission. Through my blog, I hope to share my experience, my struggles, and my classroom achievements. Through my online store, I hope to share my specialized digital resources, reflecting my expertise and dedication to quality education.

To learn more about me and my educational, working background, please visit my teaching portfolio:

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